Should you consider private aviation to Florida this winter?

Recent studies have suggested that commercial travel provides over 700 touch points of exposure for passengers to the risk of contagion versus less than 20 interactions using private aviation.  With the fall and winter seasons fast approaching, soon outdoor activities and outside dinning may not be an option.  Planning ahead and evaluating options with the Outlier Jet Team provides a safe and intelligent way to travel this winter.

Many clients have decided to share aircraft with friends with similar routing.  In most cases, this has reduced the cost to fly privately by 50-75%

The Outlier Jet Team will be providing access to private shuttles from the North East and Midwest direct to South Florida- as well as dedicated private jet charters

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"In June, amidst the current global events- my wife and I decided it was time to travel north from Naples to the Boston area. We were seeking a safe, highly sanitized and comfortable experience along with two other couples from the Grey Oaks community. The Outlier Team curated the exact experience we were seeking."

Dick N. -Naples, FL